You might know...

Since ancient times, Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been considered a gift from the gods, a precious medicine given to people by nature itself. And that inhabitants of the Mediterranean who consume Extra Virgin Olive Oil daily retain youth, beauty and health for many years.

An example?

Once I met a 67 year old lady who would regularly sit next to me on a rock where I would swim in Greece. One day I asked her, how do you stay so fit? What's your secret? She told me... "Well besides staying active and swimming daily, I simply use Extra Virgin Olive Oil! I put it everywhere and consume it daily." 

From that day onwards, I realised that this lubricant natural fat was the way to go. That we all need fat in our diets, but the good fats, rich in amino acids and antioxidants. Rich in vitamins, like nuts and avocados! 


Everyone wants healthy hair and skin right? But why do we profusely use products in our hair and skin which contain chemicals we can't even pronounce? Olive juice is one of the earth's most oldest and most versatile gifts. 100% Natural, rich in vitamin E and K, rich in powerful antioxidants and your essential fatty acids. 

*Softens and hydrates skin

*Prevents hair loss, dandruff, dryness and itching

*Growth of healthy skin and nails

*100% natural and cold pressed

*A powerful anti-aging, that Greeks swear by

*Use as massage oil to cleanse and loosen muscles

*Use it as makeup remover

*Add volume to eyelashes

*Add to your hair overnight or mix it into your (DIY) hair mask


Extra Virgin Olive Oil's powerful antioxidants are biologically active and promote anti-inflammation while reducing high blood pressure, prevents diabetes, improves cholesterol levels and more!

From digestion, weight control, brain function, bone health, cancer prevention, heart health, breast health and anti-depression... Olive juice drizzled on a daily can do WONDERS to your inner functioning. 


Ok, so how much a day? The recommended dose is 14% of your total daily calories (about 2 tablespoons or 28g daily).*

What we know? On the island of Ikaria, in Greece, a.k.a. the land of longevity, they consume it daily. Extra Virgin Olive Oil contributes to their long life expentancy. Some Mediterranean families consume up to  1L a week! Therefore we're confident that adding a drizzle on a daily is good for you! We need fat in our diets! Are you ready to use more of a healthier fat? :) WE ARE.