First and foremost: we are foodies like “Somebody Feed Phil”. Food excites us, makes us smile and will generally be the main focus point when we travel. We even tend to forget sightseeing… You have to know that since we met each other we have travelled and done A LOT. From restoring an old apartment into a loft, converting a van into a mobile home and recently moving to Greece! We also got a dog and traveled the world!
In our recent trip to Greece, we decided to stay indefinitely and thought it would be a great opportunity get closer to our Greek roots. 

Somehow, we still seemed to be connected to the urban lifestyle that Rotterdam had brought to us. We began to brainstorm on the idea of merging our love for traditional Greek olive oil, which we used daily, and the urban outlook. Why was olive oil so boring even if someone tried to make a cool bottle? We also thought, why focus on the product so much? Why do companies do that when you can also deliver an experience, and make it more personal for the customer? Another thought was, in an era where we are so digitally connected, is there a way to deliver a wholesome product to a urban culture with respect to tradition and craftmenship?

Why the hell not?

We are entrepreneurs at heart, creatives and living a better motto that life can be short, and you oughta do what makes you smile.

We want to deliver a 100% Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil that can be drizzled daily, and will (hopefully) really improve your day to day, your dishes and overall health.