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Acidity level = 0.3%

Manaki olives originates from the heart of the Peloponnese in Greece. 

They are slightly sweet, rich in taste, soft and thick in texture. They add great flavour without overpowering. The olives are typically oval, small and green and love higher altitudes. Their favourite time to be harvested is end of October to January. Their aromatic complexity is high with hints of citrus, flowers, herbs and tomato leaves. Slightly bitter and pungent, her mouth is pleasant and incredibly smooth.  This rich and perfectly balanced Greek EVOO can be used both in cooking and for drizzlin'!

Why did we choose Manaki olives? We choose them because of their smoothness!

We started to buy from a small farmer and used it daily for almost a year, when it hit us. They provide such an incredibly smooth taste. This meant, we were drizzlin' it daily, without even knowing it. It became a healthy daily addiction.

Let us know what you think of our Manaki Olives here below! 

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100% single sourced Manaki extra virgin olive oil 

The OG white ceramic bottle that will start your drizzlin' journey smoothly. Fits perfectly in your hand and will give the perfect drizzle, each and every time. Comes with its own Drizzler Tool.

Our special Manaki Olives provide an Incredibly smooth taste... We’ve even been told it is as smooth as butter! 100% Natural, No additives, No pesticides, No GMOs. 

Why do we keep buying transparent, glass & plastic bottles that we just have to throw away each time?  Light is bad for your olive oil and "single-use" is just plain bad. Do yourself and our planet a favour.


  • Ingredients: 100% Manaki extra virgin olive oil 


Smoke-point (max 405°F
Enjoy and savour the taste of our creamy silky smooth evoo which can be nibbled with bread and salt, a salad, veggies and fish, you name it! It’s literally good on everything! We eve use it in deserts for its buttery flavour. To be drizzled daily, for health benefits. More on daily quantity here