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What are you delivery cost/rates?

Do you deliver to India?

Where do you deliver?

Can I update my delivery address after placing my order?

Can I redirect my parcel to a different delivery address?

How do I track my package?

Will my package be charged customs and import charges?

How many days is express shipping?

When can I expect my order?

Where can I track my order?

How often can I get refills?

Am I entitled to discounts?



What measures have been taken since COVID-19?

Is our product vegan?

Is our product kosher?

Is our product gluten-free?

Can I recycle ceramics?

Can I recycle the refill pouch?

What does the olive oil collection procedure look like?

Who works in the farm and to collect olives and make their juice?




What olives are used?

What is the acidity level?

What is the taste?

Is it organic?

How come it’s so smooth?

Can I cook with it?

Can I fry with it?

What is the smoke point?

Where is the farm located?

Is our EVOO cold pressed?

What does 100% natural mean?

What does Extra Virgin mean?

How do I know it’s Extra Virgin?

How heavy is the bottle?

What type of ceramics is use?

Why is it important to protect the product from light?

Why is it important to refill?

How much does the subscription cost?

What are the health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Is our product vegan?

Is our product kosher?

Is our product gluten-free?

Where do you source your ingredients from?

How is the olive oil tested?

Where else can I use this Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Can I apply it to my hair and skin?

How much Extra Virgin Olive Oil can I consume daily?

The ceramic bottle has little defects in it. Why?

The label is not on properly. Why?

Is the label dishwasher proof?

Can I remove the label?

What else can I fill this bottle with?

Can I place my bottle in the fridge?




I’ve entered the wrong email address. What should I do?

Can I modify my order after I have placed it? What should I do?

I received a damaged/faulty product. What should I do?

I received the wrong product. What should I do?

The ceramic bottle is broken. What should I do?

When can I expect my free refill?



Can I change my billing information?

I didn’t get a confirmation email. Did I place my order correctly?

Do you offer a rewards/loyalty program?

What Is Amazon Pay and how does it work?

I’m charged twice. What should I do?

Which currency should I use?

Will I be charged International Bank fees?

How do you ensure my data is protected?

Is there a number I can call for direct customer support?



What is your return and refund policy?

I bought from Amazon, can I return it?

Do you refund shipping cost is I return something?

My refund is incorrect. What should I do?

What can I expect once my package is returned?

What happens to my refund if my card account is closed?

When will I get my refund?