Dear Drizzler

We are so happy that you are joining our Drizzlin’ society!

Let us tell you about how this love story began:

Summer of 2019, we decided to explore our Greek roots and embarked on a road-trip, that, as foodies, quickly turned into a culinary adventure. If you’ve ever traveled to the Mediterranean, then you know you’re in for something good.

We came across a beautiful family owned Olive Oil farm in the ancient city of Corinth. That day our taste-buds went to heaven and back. This Extra Virgin Olive Oil was so smooth and natural that they used it abundantly. 

It actually enhanced flavors without overpowering them.

It came to our realization that the way we were letting our spicy olive oils sit in the pantry only to use in rare occasions has never allowed us to reap the full health benefits from this amazingly nutritious oil. We therefore need a quality smooth Extra Virgin Olive Oil to be Drizzled on a daily. 

We also realised that we were throwing away a glass or plastic bottle each and every time we bought olive oil. Why? Why couldn't you just buy it immediately in a cruet and get your refills ? Wasn't that better for the environment and preservation of the olive oil?

After that summer, we started to become creative with the drizzling movement.

Ever since, it made our cooking that much more fun, easy and healthy.

 Now we want to inspire people to smile while they drizzle!

Our crafted ceramic bottles are made to protect the oil from harmful light & to be displayed in your countertop always ready to drizzle and dazzle away your friends showcasing you most wonderful dishes!

Empty bottle? Not a problem, we’ll have you refilled in no time with the freshest & latest harvest, so you can keep on drizzlin’. This way you’ll reduce waste and help keep our beautiful planet a lil’ greener! 

Let's all make a step towards an end to single use bottles!


Smoothly yours from Greece,

Elle & Yanis