A lil' skin TLC.

We all have to take care of our skin. We live in it our whole life! Protecting from the sun, cleansing and nourishing! In ancient Greek times, Olive Oil was considered a main component in Greek culture where it was often seen as a symbol of peace, reward, fertility, purification and power. It was used for cooking, tanning, medicine, perfumery, religion and even to fuel lamps. At the time, Olive Oil was not as healthy as it is today. But I will write a new blog post about that here. The most important thing to remember is that ancient Greeks used Olive Oil in their personal care.

You'll understand why in a bit.       


Growing up as a little girl, my father would alway rub Extra Virgin Olive Oil  on his hands and elbows when he used it. It was almost like a little virtue, like throwing some salt past your shoulder for good luck. But he did it just to feel good and to moisturise his skin. It got me thinking (and my Dad is Greek), why don't I do that? Since that day I also use Extra Virgin Olive Oil on my skin. P.S.: It is SO versatile, & this is the beauty of it!

By the way, if you didn't already guess, isn't it better to use 100% Natural EVOO than some cosmetic brand that you've been advertised to with ingredients you can't even pronounce?! It even feels better to put something on your skin you can eat and that's pure (not just any old supermarket olive oil, ok?). Am I right? I sure think so... 

EVOO has tons of beautiful antioxidants:
- rich in vitamins (ascorbic acid, niacin, B6, pantothenic acid, A, D, E & K) all of which help nourish the skin and give that glow & act as natural cleansers
- vitamin E with the help of amino-acids, acts as a UV protector, collagen, elastin and keratin booster which all contribute positively to the cellular metabolic activity
vitamin K which helps to prevent ageing by promoting elasticity and tarnishing wrinkles
- chlorophyll which will help reduce scares and wounds!

Here are my little tips & suggestions for healthy, clean skin!

- Use as a makeup remover or just to dab with a cotton swab on your lashes for growth! (It works better than those Ads you see on Insta, I promise)
- Use it for a nice facial rub. Sick of seeing these $50 rolling tools to massage your face? Just use your hands, they are just as powerful, and your knuckles to stimulate natural collagen and get rid of that tissue fat! Bye-bye bloated face!
- With a pea size of Olive Oil, take your toothbrush and gently exfoliate your lips! Rub in circular motions to get hydrated & fuller lips ! 
- Mix with sugar and exfoliate your beautiful face with circular motions, rinse and the hydration is locked!
- Tired of dry scabby legs after a shave? Mix it with your shower gel before shaving and voilà! Soft silky legs! (Also add a bit after <3)

That's all for now! I am very happy to share my tips and secrets with you that will only help your skin be more beautiful !

Expect new VIDEOS to come your way with personal DIY Extra Virgin Olive Oil skin care routines!

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These are personal care routines! Please adapt to your needs!
The information on this website is not substitute for medical advice and is for educational purposes only. It is based on academic articles and Greek Culture. Please consult your health care practitioner before undertaking any health changes. Before applying anything on your body, please do a patch test with it first.


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