Do you protect your hair at night?

NIGHT Hair Care Routine

EVOO is awesome for your hair! Rich in vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, this nutritious oil can only make your hair more luscious! It acts as an emollient which locks in moisture! Whether you have dry, frizzy or smooth luscious locks, a bit of EVOO can go along way.

Do you protect your hair at night? The Drizzle Me Team certainly does! 


A pea size of Drizzle Me EVOO


Apply a pea size to your hair (lower strands) before you tuck your hair to bed. You can also add it in combination with another favourite oil.

- After a wash day your hair should be replenished and re-moisturized! Applying EVOO this day will lock in that moisture!
- Avoid sleeping literally on your hair (for all those long lock ladies and gents!) this will prevent breakage and damage. Instead put your hair on top of your hair into a 
pineapple, in a loose & soft hair-tie.

Happy Hair Drizzlin! 


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This is a small personal hair care routine! Please adapt to your needs!
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