A Drizzle of Med

Aaaah nothing says it more than warm nights, hidden streets, afternoon ice-cream, beautiful beach sunsets, good food and the smell of pine trees! Wow if that wasn't a mouthful of words!

Last month we visited Amorgos, a b-e-a-utiful deep blue island on the Agean sea (click here). And a few weeks ago we visited Parga, on the coast line of Greece, where this photo above is taken! There we visited one an old mechanised Olive Oil factory that commenced its operations in 1929. I will write more about that later :)

Needless to say, our summer was for sure filled with many unforgettable southern memories! But let's get to the point of this blog post! The question is, can we bring back these southern memories and especially southern dishes more into our daily habits back home? The answer is of course YES, but do we actually do it?

Do we actually remember to on occasion cook that delicious meal we had, pick fresher and more sustainable food and cook with love? Our days are big-as filled checklists with little time to do things with more love. For instance, like going to the local butchery or veggie shop instead of the big supermarket, or just spending more time and putting your heart into re-creating those special dishes you had in the south. Do you all get where I'm coming from? 

Whoever has ordered "Hello Fresh" surely knows what I am talking about. Ew!

So the moral here is to remember to (occasionally) be more mindful in the way and what you cook! Which supermarket and which products you choose. Let's all try to be more seasonal, local and fresher! Always with the Mediterranean food culture in mind <3 Because why not? It's so simple, healthy and delicious!!

From me to you, cook with love and your whole heart! 

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